Our Story

At Neon Shrine, we're passionate about creating unique products that allow fans to show their support for their favorite VTubers. Our founder, Mirynth, is a space captain VTuber who's also a huge fan of VTuber content.

As a fan of the VTuber community, Mirynth wanted to find a way to express her love for these amazing content creators. That's why she decided to create a line of penlight films and custom penlights that feature the iconic designs and colors of some of the most popular VTubers from agencies such as Hololive and Nijisanji.

Our mission is to provide fans with a way to show their support for their favorite VTubers in a fun and creative way. We believe that the VTuber community is a unique and special place, filled with talented individuals who inspire us every day. We're proud to be a part of this community, and we're committed to creating products that fans will love.

Thank you for supporting NeonShrine, and for being a part of the amazing VTuber community. We're excited to continue creating new products that allow fans to express their love for their favorite VTubers.